What We Do


Birth Support package ($2800)

Two prenatal visits
We love getting to know you before the birth! Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy when we meet, we will schedule up to two visits in your home. These visits give us a chance to spend some time getting comfortable with each other, discuss any positive or not-so-great feelings you’re having, and make sure that we’re all doing everything we can to make you feel as good as possible as your big day (or night!) approaches. If we begin working together late in your pregnancy, we can work together to adjust the meetings to suit your needs in the time we have. 

Ongoing phone/email support and availability
We're not just here for your labor. If things come up for you that you’d like to talk about, we are here for you. We also continue to be available in this way throughout the “fourth trimester” following the birth of your new baby.

Uninterrupted labor support
The good stuff! We will work together ahead of time to make sure one of us comes at just the right moment to make sure everyone has what they need to feel supported, confident and cared for throughout the duration of labor. After the birth, we will hang around to make sure you are feeling well and that nursing (if that’s your plan!) has gotten off to a great start. 

Two postpartum visits
Following the birth, we are always eager to come see you all again and answer any questions you may have about taking care of yourself or your child. We like to schedule the first visit for the first 2-4 days after the birth so we can talk about infant feeding and how everyone is adjusting. The second visit can take place at any time within the first month postpartum and it's the perfect time to get some extra newborn tips. It also serves as a sweet moment for us to close out our formal relationship.

Additional Services

Prenatal Yoga with elizabeth ($120)

Elizabeth guides pregnant individuals through a gentle flow that prepares them for their labor, paying special attention to breath, alignment and modifications as needed. Each class focuses on relaxation and breathing techniques as well as strengthening muscles most affected and utilized during pregnancy and childbirth. During the postpartum period, she provide clients with tools to find physical relief and centering as they recover from birth and adjust to parenthood. Through tailored practice, clients walk away feeling lighter, more informed on the needs of their body in its current state and with a closer bond with their baby.

Packages are available.

Prenatal Newborn Care Class with yael ($250)

In this class, Yael uses her experience as neonatal RN to talk about normal newborn behavior and cover the following topics:

  • Basic newborn equipment needs,

  • Diapering, swaddling, burping & bathing safe sleeping

  • When to call the pediatrician and any other questions or concerns you may have.

The goal of this class is to relieve some anxiety many new parents have around caring for a newborn, and to take some time to connect with the idea that, beyond pregnancy and birth, a real, live baby is coming!

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class with yael ($275)

Our breastfeeding class is an opportunity for Yael to wear her lactation consultant hat and talk through the amazing way that your body and your baby's body work together through breastfeeding. The class will cover:

  • Why and how breastfeeding works the way it does and the hormones involved in the process

  • How to establish and protect your milk supply

  • Normal newborn feeding cues and patterns

  • What a good, effective latch looks and feels like

  • When and why to call for extra help

The goal is that you feel super prepared as soon as that baby arrives, so that your
postpartum period can be about getting to know your baby, not troubleshooting breastfeeding Difficulties.

Postpartum Breastfeeding consultation with yael ($250-300/session)

Yael is available for formal lactation consultations to either walk you through difficulties, or to reassure you that everything looks great! We love providing this service as a way to make sure that you know you have the resources and support to get you through the amazing, yet very unpredictable postpartum time.

Postpartum Doula Services with elizabeth ($40-$50/hr)

Elizabeth loves offering continuing care services for the clients we work with. Understanding that new mothers and parents need focused attention like their newborns, her focus is to help in creating the transition into this special period is as smooth as possible. These postpartum shifts can look like:

  • Help with post-birth recuperation and comfort measures

  • Basic preparation of warm and nutritious foods

  • Light housekeeping necessary to the daily function of the home

  • Care of baby while parent(s) nap, shower or care for other children

  • Provide guidance in babywearing and cloth diapering

Packages are available. Rate depends on location.