Who We Are


Yael Borensztein RN IBCLC

My love for pregnancy, birth, babies and families has been a part of me for as long as I've been me. Growing up in Oregon to Argentinian parents, I was led to believe that pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding were all normal parts of being a human. I was confused by the more hushed attitudes regarding these things once I moved to the Northeast as a teen, and resolved to go to nursing school in order to work in women’s health care, promoting the normalcy and power of birth and parenthood. After 5 years working as Postpartum RN and IBCLC at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell, I stepped away to devote myself to my own business, Born Knowing. As a doula, birth assistant, and lactation consultant, I am best able to use my clinical RN knowledge without any time limit to provide continuous, uninterrupted support to birthing people and families in labor and beyond. 

Photo Credit: Clarissa Sosin

Photo Credit: Clarissa Sosin

Elizabeth Pérez, CD(DONA), RPYT

I am fascinated and curious about the ways we give birth to ideas, dreams, ourselves and babies. These processes often dictate and inform our experiences thereafter. So, when it comes to childbirth, my goal, hope and wish is that everyone birthing their child is in caring hands and has all the information and support they need. I studied out West and upon graduating, I worked with organizations committed to storytelling, youth development and arts education both internationally and stateside. These years were fundamental for my curiosity and creativity. My education and work experiences, coupled with my personal herstory, heavily inform the way in which I approach birth work.  How lucky are we to be able to not only create a family, but also continue or begin a new way of living and thinking? I think birth provides this opportunity.

Credentials & Experience

Yael Borensztein is:

  • A Certified Advanced Holistic Doula through the Matrona Foundation

  • A DONA trained birth doula

  • An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

  • A Registered Nurse

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Provider Certified

  • BLS Certified

  • A childbirth educator at Manhattan Birth

  • A Birth Assistant for Midwifery Care NYC


Elizabeth Perez is:

yael & Elizabeth Are:

  • Committed to providing families of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, and identities with loving and inclusive care

  • Funny, honest and straightforward

  • Native Spanish Speakers

  • Passionate about racial disparities in pregnancy & birth care

  • Available to serve families in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens